BELTTT brings a full range of inverters unveiled 2017 Mexico Green Energy Exhibition
Time: 2017-09-22 Reads: 6705 Edit: Admin

  Once a year in September 5, 2017, green energy exhibition in Mexico (The Green Expro (Mexico) 2017) in Mexico‘s capital Mexico City kicked off, The Green Expro is one of the largest scale in Mexico and America green energy exhibition, North American and global renewable energy manufacturers, the industry gathered in this common exchanges, to promote Mexico, America and the global green energy industry common development.
  As one of the world‘s largest inverter, solar power generation equipment manufacturers, BELTTT with a variety of efficient, reliable inverter throughout the exhibition. Display products for PHPU, BET, BEW and other series of new intelligent inverter and solar power generation components from the grid, of which PHPU series intelligent inverter inverter efficiency as high as 95%.
  Mexico, as one of the fastest growing markets for global green power and inverter power in recent years, concerns about inverters and solar power components are moving from price to product efficiency and quality.
  BELTTT, as a leading inverter and solar off line power generation equipment manufacturer, has been committed to improving product quality and performance. After many years of efforts, the product line layout is improving day by day, and can provide more than 300 different series, specifications of products for users to choose.
  In the green energy exhibition in Mexico as an opportunity to advocate the inverter industry into the intelligent, is willing to make joint efforts with industry colleagues, promote global inverter market faster and better development, goals and direction which is the next step for BELTTT.