The Green Expro (Mexico) 2017
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September 5th ~7 Green Expro Mexico 2017
    Guangzhou poojin electronic technology limited company under the brand name BELTT, intelligent transformation of high-end customers at all out, to experience the wisdom of energy at the same time, also witnessed the BELTTT is a global leading brand in the domestic photovoltaic inverter and market strength.
    The pursuit of higher conversion efficiency and lower power cost has been the driving force behind the technological progress of PV manufacturing. The selection of product line is concerned with the winning and losing of technology leading enterprises, and the development of photovoltaic industry is no exception. BELTTT has a higher energy conversion rate of photovoltaic inverter products, in the photovoltaic industry, from conventional components to efficient components in the process of excessive show obvious advantages.
    In order to meet the domestic photovoltaic market demand of the customers, BELTTT will upgrade household products from single component products for household photovoltaic power system complete, effective solution to the user due to the use of different manufacturers of components, inverter, power distribution box, cable bracket, and other equipment to assemble power plant caused by the matching of customer service, security, operation and maintenance high cost, low profit power plant.
    The exhibition, BELTTT carries a variety of new solar inverter not only has MPPT high efficiency, low starting voltage, low voltage, high switching frequency and high power efficiency in common, and in their respective application domain but also have distinct characteristics. More importantly, these new products also have the latest BELTTT energy control function, users can real-time understanding of inverter load power, through the real-time control of photovoltaic energy, photovoltaic power generation will all the energy produced for local load, so as to make full use of photovoltaic power generation, reduce the burden of power, to further improve the stability and efficiency inverter system.
    In the exhibition site, BELTTT photovoltaic power generation demonstration system, come to consult the merchants in an endless stream. Field staff constantly introduced to customers the system cost and energy conversion efficiency, inverter and controller BELTTT core equipment of photovoltaic power generation system is independently developed by the BELTTT, using international advanced technology, photovoltaic utilization rate is as high as 98%, equipped with BELTTT intelligent energy management system can not only realize and electricity development, at the same time can be multiple photovoltaic the electric power grid into the city.
September 5 – 7, 2017
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